Video TapeThe Three Chairs Series
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(4 Video Tapes)

Parenting – a blessing disguised as a challenge! Now more than ever Christian parents want help with family living. Top billing on the need list? Passing on a genuine Christian faith to one’s children. Especially when children know all of their parents’ failures and inconsistencies. How can parents prevent spiritual cynicism in their children, and influence them to choose Christ over the world? In this series, Dr Bruce Wilkinson first shows parents how to be Godly themselves and then how to have Godly children.

  • Tape 1 - The Three Chairs: A Legacy to Live By (40 mins)
  • Tape 2 - How Family Legacies Are Created (47 mins)
  • Tape 3 - The Surprising Reason God Created Marriage (52 mins)
  • Tape 4 - The Secrets of Raising Godly Children (43 mins)