Discovering The Holy Trinity

For many of us, the Trinity is a truly puzzling aspect of the Christian faith. Why are we taught to believe in one God, who exists in three persons (the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit)? How can someone who is one also be three? How do the three persons of the Trinity relate to one another? Where in the Bible is this teaching found? How did the Church come to affirm this strange belief? Does this doctrine have any relevance to our practical life and ministry, or is it merely of historical interest for us today?

Come and explore these questions (and others) at this course. With God’s help, we hope to come away with a greater understanding of how critical and relevant our belief in the Trinity is.


Dr Leow Theng Huat has been attending Wesley Methodist Church ever since a friend invited him to church when he was in secondary school. He was baptised and became a member during his National Service days. He is married to Cheng Ping, and they have three children. Theng Huat is currently serving as a lecturer of theology at Trinity Theological College. His passion is to convey the relevance and practicality of Christian theology for our life and ministry.

Event Information

Event Date 28-11-2020 2:00 pm
Event End Date 28-11-2020 4:30 pm
Registration Closing Date 22-11-2020
Location Online Session via ZOOM (Meeting ID will be sent)
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