Bible Reading Drive 2020

Bible Reading Drive (BRD) was started in 2015 to encourage all of us to read God’s Word every day. The good intention is to help us inculcate a spiritual discipline in the daily reading of His word. Spiritual Discipline is one of the five holistic environments in which we believe we can experience spiritual growth in our faith. The other four environments being (in our Wesley Discipleship Model, WDM) Significant Circumstances, Scriptural Obedience, Spiritual Relationships and Sacrificial Service. Together the five environments form the acronym ‘CORDS’.

In 2020, our church will continue the focus on ‘Impacting the World’. We are encouraged to love our community through service and spreading of the Good News. This is the Sacrificial Service environment within which our WDM advocates as part of our discipleship journey. In a holistic manner, the daily reading and reflection of BRD verses will help us be anchored in our Lord as we serve. That said, let us join our hands with our brothers and sisters in our church to ‘Impact the World’!

David Mok
(Chairperson, Discipleship & Nurture Committee)

Let's GO!

10 Points to note...

Before we Go! on Bible Reading Drive 2020.

1. Final leg of BRD 2018-2020

We are now in Year 3 (2020), the third and final year of Wesley Methodist Church’s three-year Bible Reading Plan. If you have been following the Bible Reading Drive (BRD) 2018-2020 every day, you would have read a total of 47 Books, by the end of December 2019.

2. Just 19 more Books to Go!

We will compete the whole Bible by reading the remaining 19 Books in 2020, beginning with the Wisdom Books − Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs and Lamentations – and ending with Revelation. The reading will give us a better understanding of the wisdom of God to a glimpse of the eternal hope that is found in Christ.

3. Ash Wednesday (26 Feb) to Easter Sunday (12 Apr)

During Lent 2020, we will be reading the Gospel of Mark at a slow and reflective pace, just like we did for the Gospel of John (Lent 2019) and Luke (Lent 2018).

4. The month after Lent

Hebrews, 1 Peter, 2 Peter and Jude will be read, thus completing all the Epistles in the Bible.

5. Historical Books from May to Sep

From May to Sep, we will be reading 1 Kings, 2 Kings, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles in that order. BRD readers will know that we always read the historical books around this period – Genesis to Deuteronomy in 2018, and then Joshua to 2 Samuel in 2019.

6. Two Major Prophets in Oct and Nov

This will bring us to the two major prophets, Daniel and Ezekiel, in Oct and Nov. These two books, in some way, prepare us to understand the conclusive act in the book of Revelation.

7. And our final BRD destination

And finally, we will read the final Book of the Bible – Revelation, which will also bring our three-year BRD to a close. What more fitting way to end our three-year BRD than with the surety of the hope in the second coming of our Lord!

8. Psalms and Proverbs

In 2020, Psalms will continue to be read daily except Fridays, while Proverbs will continue to be read every Friday. By the end of 2020, we would have read Psalms a total of five times over the three years, and Proverbs three times.

9. BRD 2018

Looking back at BRD 2018, we read Psalms and Proverbs, as well as 20 other Books. As the church’s focus was on Building Community, the daily readings covered 12 of Paul’s Epistles, James, the first five books of the Old Testament, Luke and Matthew.

10. BRD 2019

And looking back at BRD 2019, as the church’s theme was ‘Impacting the World’, we started with Acts and Romans, and continued with the Gospel and Letters of John, all the 12 Minor Prophets, Jeremiah and Isaiah, and the five Books from Joshua to 2 Samuel.

On the R.O.A.D


Devotion is a spiritual discipline that enables you to receive God’s Word into your life. You could do this on your own but committing to a group spurs you on and also gives you the opportunity to hear what God may be saying to you through other members in the group.

Your Commitment

  1. Join or gather a group of seven to eight people who will commit to read the Bible on their own daily, and meet as a group once a week.
  2. Commit to an initial period of six weeks and, closer to completion, revisit your commitment with other members in the group.
  3. During the six weeks, read the Bible daily by following the BRD Reading Plan.
  4. Meet as a Devotion Group for one hour a week. This is what you will be doing during the 60 minutes:
    1. First 20 minutes – Read the assigned Bible passages for the day in silence and in one another’s presence.
    2. Second 20 minutes – Write in your journal what God is saying to you through the Scriptures. (Refer to section below on Using the R.O.A.D. Format for your journaling.)
    3. Final 20 minutes – Share, as you are comfortable, what God has been saying to you in the last 40 minutes.


What do you write in your journal?

  1. Use the R.O.A.D. format (below) to Read, Observe, Apply and Do what God is saying to you through the Scriptures.
  2. Read the Bible for formation, and not purely for information. In formational reading, you will be reading the Scriptures to discern and respond to what God is saying to you.
  3. Ask yourself what God is calling you to do or to be. How may you grow in Christ? What lessons of Christlikeness are there to be learnt? What examples of Christ are there to follow? What promises of God are there to claim? And what commands are there to obey?
  4. Write your feelings, thoughts and reflections down in your journal and then commit to put them into practice in your life. Allow God’s Word to transform what you do and how you live.


Using the R.O.A.D. Format

As you do the readings, use the R.O.A.D. (Read, Observe, Apply, Do) format to help you hear and respond to what God is saying to you through the Scriptures. Write your entries in your journal.

READ… or listen to the Scripture readings for the day, inviting the Holy Spirit to give you understanding. It is best to read through all the prescribed Bible passages first. Then go back and read the passage / verse that you feel God wants you to focus on and which resonates with your spirit. Read that passage/verse a third time, slowly.

OBSERVE… what the passage/verse is about.

When and where did the event happen? What was the context? Who were the people involved? What was the main message the writer had for the people of that time? As you re-read that particular section, take note of what you observe in that passage. Record your observations.

APPLY… the passage/verse to your life. What relevance has this passage/verse to your life? What are the lessons to be learned? What promises are there to claim? What examples are there to follow? What commands are there to obey? Look for all the possible applications for your life coming out of what you understand the passage is saying. Here is when you move from information to revelation.

DO… what God has revealed to you. Choose one of the applications and commit yourself, with full dependence on God, to do the application that day. It may be to respond in worship, to act in faith on something, to fulfil the premise to the promise, to correct a behaviour, to restore a relationship, to share the revelation with someone else, to serve someone in need, etc. When you do what is revealed to you, you move from revelation to transformation. Once you have carried out what God has purposed you to do, record your experience in obeying God’s revelation to you.

Be sure to develop a healthy habit of spending time daily with God.

Mobile Apps

On iOS Platform (iPhone/iPad)

Click here to download app (iOS)

Step 1:
Go to App Store and search for “Reading Plan” by James H. Price.

Step 2:
Go to “Settings” by tapping on the icon with 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3:
Tap “Reading Plan”, and “View Available Plans”.

Step 4:
Scroll down the page listing all the available plans and locate “BRD-2020”. Tap the “Download” button.

Step 5:
Tap “Done” to go back to “Reading Plan” in “Settings”. Select “BRD-2020” by tapping on it.

Step 6:
Go to “Settings”. Tap “Bible Links” to choose the Bible App (e.g. YouVersion, Bible Gateway) of your choice.

Step 7:
Go to “Settings”. Tap “Start Date” and set the start date to “1 January 2020”. Click “Done”.

On Android Platform

Click here to download app (Android)

Step 1:
Search and download “Quick Bible” from Google Play Store.

Step 2:
Tap on the icon with 3 horizontal lines.

Step 3:
In the drop-down list, tap “Reading Plan”.

Step 4:
On the next screen, tap on the “+” icon to get to the “Download” screen.

Step 5:
Click on the tab “BY ID”. Type in “wmcbrd2020” (case-sensitive).

Step 6:
After download, tap on the name “WesleyMC BRD2020“ to select the reading plan.

Step 7:
Next, tap on the date “Day 1: XX XXX XXXX”, and in the drop-down list, tap “Set Starting Date” and set it to “1 Jan 2020”.

Let's GO! BRD2020

There is no need to sign up. Just jump on-board and follow the plan. When we read and obey God’s Word in 2020, we will Grow in Christ, Build Community, and Impact the World for Him!

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