Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Ministry at Wesley is involved in:

  • Bereavements namely wakes, funerals, memorial services including grief support – spiritual and emotional
  • Ministering to the sick in the hospital, nursing home and/or hospice
  • Serving Holy Communion and offering support to the elderly and homebound, including their caregivers
  • Home blessings. Use this form:
  • Training/courses to support and equip worshippers for the ministry of care
  • Support groups such as the Wesley Women’s Cancer Support Group (WWCSG)
  • Spiritual Wholeness & Healing (SWH) modules which provide inner healing and deliverance, biblical nurture, emotional and relational counsel and support to participants


Check our Programmes page for the next pastoral care course.

Pastoral Care at Wesley serves the church by providing hospital visits and visitations to members and their loved ones who are no longer able to attend church. If you require any assistance kindly contact Joanne @6837 9266 or email us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Pastoral Care team at Wesley moves to support the patient and their loved ones during times of illness and hospitalisation. During these hospital visits, the team conducts worship and serves communion as a means of encouraging and uplifting the spirits of those who are in pain. Upon discharge, the team continues to provide support through home visits, journeying with the patient and their family on the road to recovery.

Homebound Visitation

The Pastoral Care team at Wesley brings the church to members of the congregation who are unable to attend service in person. Through home visits, we minister to fellow brothers and sisters-in-Christ as Jesus did, worshipping and administering Holy Communion during these monthly visits. Bearing witness to the grace of God, homebound visitations ensure that all members of the church family are able to come together regardless of circumstance.


We understand that losing a loved one can be a particularly trying time for the family. If you are in need of help or support, the Pastoral Care Ministry is here to assist in services such as grief support (spiritual and emotional), as well as provide resources to aid in the planning of wakes, funerals and memorial services.

Please call the Pastoral Care Ministry at 6837 8612 or 6837 9266.
A pamphlet on Information and Checklist for Bereavement & Funeral is downloadable here.

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